Diana Losk – Vocals, Percussion

dianaDiana joined Sabor in 2011 quite by accident. Having heard the then trio play at a fundraiser, she shyly asked if she could come to a rehearsal one night so she could sing a couple of songs she remembered from her childhood when her parents used to play latin jazz on their Hi-Fi.

One rehearsal was all it took to become hooked.  No stranger to the stage, Diana began her career in musical theatre, living in New York and touring the country in different productions.  Trained primarily as a dancer, she had ample opportunities to develop her vocal skills and love of singing. She later discovered that her first job in New York was given to her because of her strong singing voice, not her dancing.  Unthwarted by this revelation, she continued to do both until she found her way back to her native California where she settled down to raise a family.

Her young daughter now listens to the music of her mother, not on a Hi-Fi, but in person and can sing along to most of the tunes without missing a beat.  What a great tradition to pass down.