Brian Vaughan – Percussion

brian-vBrian Vaughan was born in Los Angeles, CA. His Hispanic mother loved music and always had some Latin music playing around the house and so he was exposed to the music of then popular artists like Trio Los Panchos, Sergio Mendes, Perez Prado, etc. After hearing Carlos Santana play live at the famous Rolling Stones concert in Altamont, CA in the late sixties, he became completely hooked on Latin music. In the early seventies, he discovered Celia Cruz, the great Cuban salsa singer, and from that point on he became a true Salsa and Latin jazz fanatic. In 1985, Brian decided to study Latin percussion in Los Angeles so he started taking lessons from the Cuban conga master Orlando Lopez also known as “Mazacote”. Several years later he studied with the the Latin jazz band leader Bobby Matos and participated in weekly Rumba workshops known as “Skin on Skin”. His first opportunity to play live with a band came in the nineties when he played with the San Luis Obispo Salsa band known as “Salson”. In 2004 Brian moved to Trinity County and met Hal Oleari and Bo Kimball. Their mutual love of Latin jazz and Salsa gave birth to the band Sabor.